How to implement const object in Java

The problem with const

Java does not support const objects in the manner C++ does. You can make “final” references but that only means the reference cannot be altered anymore, the object itself can. For example, I run into multiple problems in my code while getting reference to Date object that is actually member of […]

How to install LAMP on Raspberry Pi

This article gives instructions how to setup Raspberry Pi as a web server by installing LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP). Raspberry Pi is very fit to work as a continously running web server: it is cheap, low-powered, it has Ethernet and it is very reliable. And with its USB and GPIO you can easily build […]

Embedded software dev links

Here are some useful links to internet, mainly related to (embedded/web/ui) software development, but not limited.


Oracle VirtualBox. General purpose virtual machine. If you often need Linux OS with various configuration but your computer runs primarly Windows, why not run it as virtual OS.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

Buy Raspi and accessories […]

How to make c++ like classes in Javascript

This post discusses how to write classes in Javascript if you have mostly c++ background.

I have coded c++ for whole my professional career, so I am used to type-safety, strict definitions and object-orientation. When I started coding Javascript, I first found it quite a “loose” language, but on the other hand I have found […]

Linux hints

This post contains some useful Linux hints for a [Windows] dummy like me that often forgets these.

Some shell commands:

chmod a+r file Add read access to file for all owner+group+user instead of just user. df -h List total disk usage in human readable format. du -h List disk usage of files/directories in human readable […]

Home automation with RasPi and Arduino

At my house in Kajaani I have few sensors monitoring continuously my home and the environment. I can get a real-time graph for the data read from sensors served by my Raspberry Pi web server.

Currently I have the following sensors installed: * Outside temperature (C°) and humidity (%) * Household power consumption (kW)